Call The Doctor

But, first make sure you have Medicare Part B.  Remember from the previous post (A, B, C, D) that Part A is going to cover your hospital stay.  Hospital visits are not regular occurrences and generally happen with emergencies or surgical procedures.  Doctor visits are a more common need and part of your regular healthcare routine.  Part B is going to cover the cost of your doctor and specialist visits.  (Most plans will have some deductible for you to pay) Blood work, physical therapy, and other procedures are all covered under Part B.  Unlike Part A that you earned by working and paying your taxes, there is a monthly premium for Medicare Part B.  When I started my practice in 2006 the cost of Medicare Part B was $88.50 each month.  Today, you will pay $144.60 each month and count on that cost going up in the future.  To get your Medicare supplement or Advantage plan you will need to have both Part A and B.  Part B has a separate deductible, but that is normally going to be covered with your Medicare supplement or Advantage plan.

Written By: Rich Nulph

Rich Nulph is the President and Founder of Safety First Retirement. He started Safety First Retirement to give his clients an opportunity to insure their retirement dreams while also prioritizing safety.

August 19, 2021

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