Simply put, estate planning is determining who will receive your assets when you pass away.  Family issues will create a wide variety of unique needs that will challenge any plan.  Are there special needs individuals that have to be protected and provided for?  Can assets be protected from taxation or health issues?  What happens when the first spouse passes? Legacy needs may need to continue for multiple generations.  A properly designed estate plan will allow you to pass your assets in a way that can minimize legal expenses and protect your wishes.

Our Process

Rich is a Certified Estate Planning Paralegal and a PA notary.  He will not provide legal advice. Legal advice can only be received by a licensed attorney.  In our process we will collect all of the information required by the attorney.  This first step saves both time and money.  Our attorney will create all of the needed documents and our team will coordinate the process.

How Can Our Process Help You?

By incorporating your estate planning into your overall retirement plan these important pieces can work together and avoid conflicts in the future.

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