Is It Time?

“Anticipation anticipation Is makin’ me late It’s keeping me waitin’” (Yes that’s Carly Simon and I hope the song is stuck in your head now.)  Retirement is getting closer, but when do you finally put the date on the calendar?  Go to my post on TME (Total Monthly Expenses) and complete the homework assignment.  We need to cover those expenses every month and the best way is to have guaranteed lifetime income that exceeds TME.  Did you set up your Social Security account online yet?  The earliest date is age 62. What is the number today if you activate your Social Security?  If you live with someone, and share expenses, then what is the total of the Social Security income per month?  Is that more than your TME?  If so great! You are well on your way to the exit door.  If not, we need to set up a plan for how you are going to draw from other sources to pay your bills.  To determine if it is time for you to retire we need to look at the complete picture of your resources.  Check out my post titled “Do I Feel Lucky?”, for challenging questions and more deep thinking.

Written By: Rich Nulph

Rich Nulph is the President and Founder of Safety First Retirement. He started Safety First Retirement to give his clients an opportunity to insure their retirement dreams while also prioritizing safety.

August 19, 2021

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