Medicare is the federal health insurance program that began in 1965.  It was designed to pay 80% of a person’s medical bills in retirement.  Individuals can begin receiving Medicare at age 65 or after receiving disability income for two years.  There are now four parts to Medicare.  Part A is for inpatient hospital care.  Part A is earned by paying into the system in your working years.  There is no cost for Part A but deductibles and copays are applied.  Part B is for medical services like doctor visits and surgeries.  There is a monthly cost for Part B that many people will have deducted from their Social Security checks each month.  Part C is Medicare Advantage.  This creates a partnership between the federal government and private insurance companies that can cover 100% of a person’s medical needs.  Part D was added in 2006 to cover the cost of prescription drugs.  Both Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies to offer a higher level of coverage.

Our Process

Medicare decisions are complicated because of the many choices that are offered and each person’s unique needs.  As the business grew it became challenging to be able to offer all of the choices available and it became clear that we needed a professional partner in this area.

Evan Uffelman is our partner that specializes in the area of Medicare.

How Can Our Process Help You?

Evan’s work is exclusively in the field of Medicare.  His process is thorough,determining the unique needs of each client. From doctors, to pending medical needs Evan will work to match the right plan to each person.  Evan can meet clients in any of our neighborhood offices.  To get started, call our corporate office number to schedule your meeting with Evan.

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