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The History of Safety First Retirement

If I would say to Linda today, "Hey Honey I have a new idea," she would probably run out the front door.  I think she's tired of my new ideas, but her support has been invaluable to the story of Safety First Retirement.  From corporate sales manager to United Methodist pastor the journey has been amazing.  When we started an independent church in 2006 I had to decide if it was back to the corporate world or try to start a business.  I became an agent with a firm offering Medicare and a variety of insurance products.  When I attended a training event that included the topic of estate planning, the idea of a holistic approach to retirement began to form.  The Nulph Group started in the basement of our home in early 2007.  As my sons expressed interest in the business the time came in the summer of 2014 to incorporate as Safety First Retirement LLC.

Safety 1st Retirement has grown to over 800 clients with 5 locations to serve Western PA.  My goal for every client is to provide a great team of professionals to service all of their retirement needs.  Our specialist provide Medicare, estate and tax planning.  When I build a retirement plan the highest priority is safety and the ability to enjoy your retirement savings for the rest of your life.  Coming from a broken home I know how difficult life can get at times. Unlike other advisors, that would prefer that you not call unless you have hundreds of thousands to invest, I will never set a minimum to help.  If you have worked hard, and safety is a priority, then our team is here to help.

My wife Linda has been the hero of our family.  Supporting my dream of a new church and a business. While raising our two sons, she still made time for school.  As an LPN we are excited that in 2020 she has now become semi-retired.

Safety First Retirement


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