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Retirement Planning

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is more than managing a portfolio of investments.  Families need help with health insurance, income to meet expenses, tax preparation and estate planning.  There are no two families that have the same set of needs.  With volatile markets and fewer pensions there is a growing concern about how long will the retirement savings last.  A plan needs to include all of these areas of concern in order to provide a level of confidence and peace of mind to a retiree. 

Our Process

It all starts with a conversation.  It can be a phone call, a video meeting or in person at a neighborhood office to understand what a person has done to prepare for retirement.  Next, we need to know the client’s vision.  Is it traveling more, helping the family or pursuing hobbies that a person has envisioned for their retirement. Now the challenge is to see if the preparation can support the vision.  This is where a team approach can make sure that all of the retirement decisions work together towards the goal.

How Can Our Process Help You?

Having an experienced advisor is critical.  It’s not as important in what they tell you, but what they hear you say.  There is nothing more frustrating than to share a vision and then hear a set of recommendations from an advisor who has their interest first and not the clients. Our process brings together a team of professionals that can offer advice that supports your vision and make sure that all of the pieces can work together.  The first step may require that important estate documents like power of attorneys are in place.  It might start with a guaranteed income plan to know that all of your budget needs will be met.  Our recommendations start with your top priorities then educate you on how all of the parts are important.

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