Safety First Retirement Tips


Coffee or Tea?

It was simple growing up.  Coffee was coffee and tea was tea. Now, you get dozens of choices in either beverage. In the annuity world there are primarily two genres, Fixed and Variable.  Like beverages, there are dozens of choices in the two categories, so we need to understand their basic differences.  Always remember the…
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I Like It Spicy

I remember the first time my server gave me wasabi for my egg roll.  That green paste looked so mild until it hit my palate. Ouchy Momma! (Actual words have been modified)  It was the hottest spice I had ever tried at the time.  But I like spicy. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t but…
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Page 8, Paragraph 2b sub IV

Annuities are too complicated!  Hey life is complicated.  Did you ever sit at a car dealership and look at the paperwork and say to yourself, “I don’t want a car the paperwork is too complicated!”  You prefer driving and not walking so you signed all of the documents and away you go.  An annuity is…
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How About Some Love?

Have you seen the guy on TV that starts with “I Hate Annuities!” (The same guy who wants at least $500,000 of your money with a 1.25% fee win or loss every year) What’s to hate about annuities?  In this group of post I will take you into great detail about annuities.  You’re going to…
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