Safety First Retirement Tips

Estate Planning

Trust but Verify

Do you remember who first said the words, “Trust, but verify?”  It was Ronald Reagan in 1986 when he was negotiating with the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. (Actually he said it to him many times)  We naturally want to believe that people are honest and trustworthy.  In my many years of estate planning I have…
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Who Gets My Stuff?

Just between you and I, are you a hoarder?  I have that gene and I have to fight it all the time. “Yea, that will come in handy someday,” and then I stick it in a box not to see daylight for a decade. You have stuff and lots of it.  In this group of…
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Bank’s Have a Secret

Is it a conspiracy?  The banks are working with the government to benefit lawyers and cost your family hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Or, more likely, the banking industry does not consider estate issues in their business development with new customers.  Bank’s in Pennsylvania are required to freeze an account once the owner has…
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