Safety First Retirement Tips


Get a Head Start

I know Usain Bolt holds the record in the 100 meter dash, but I can beat him to the finish line, IF I get a 5 second head start.  Would you like to get a head start on retirement?  We can do it with an In Service Rollover.  Since 2008, an increasing number companies have…
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The Long Haul Myth

Since the day you started saving for retirement you have been told, “You’re in it for the long haul.”  That’s a great strategy when you’re in your 20s, 30s, and even 40s because you don’t need to start withdrawing your retirement funds for many years.  You are accumulating assets for retirement and need to add,…
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I Like Guarantees – Part I

Don’t believe the media hype.  Social Security will be a source of guaranteed income for the rest of your life. But when do you start taking it?  Everyone has a different need and different timing.  It looks like the longer you wait the higher the monthly income and that is true.  For their part, Social…
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I Like Guarantees – Part II

I can not watch scary movies.  They just haunt me for days after, so I am done watching them.  There is a scary real life movie unfolding today, but we can’t turn the channel on this one.  The title – “Pension Armageddon.” At least once a month I read an article on the state of…
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