Safety First Retirement Tips


July 30,1965

On that date President Lyndon B Johnson signed the bill that created the Medicare program.  (No real memories of the day other than I was 4 years old.)  The plan was designed to help seniors cover the cost of their medical needs as they entered retirement.  From the beginning, Medicare was designed to cover 80%…
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Call the Doctor

But, first make sure you have Medicare Part B.  Remember from the previous post (A, B, C, D) that Part A is going to cover your hospital stay.  Hospital visits are not regular occurrences and generally happen with emergencies or surgical procedures.  Doctor visits are a more common need and part of your regular healthcare…
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Buried in Paper

I walked into a client’s home and on his table was a foot high stack of reports.  I asked him, “What are you studying?” He said, “It’s all of the companies that want to me to buy Medicare supplements.”  Get ready, because the closer you get to age 65 the more you will be bombarded…
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A, B, C, D

Medicare has parts. Each part has a piece of your overall retirement health insurance plan.  It’s amazing to think that Medicare has been around for over 50 years. You might be surprise by how much coverage and features you will have with Medicare.  In the next few post let’s understand what each part does in…
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