We may stop working, but unfortunately the requirement to pay taxes will not end.  A significant amount of retirement assets are held as pre tax.  401ks, IRAs and other retirement saving plans served an important role while we were working to defer our tax liabilities.  Those liabilities will come due, at the latest, at the required minimum distribution (RMD) age of 72. The penalties are significant (50% penalty) if you do not meet the correct withdrawals in retirement. Is it possible to lower the tax burdens in retirement?  Can some pre tax money convert to a Roth account?  How can charitable giving help with tax planning?

Our Process

Two years ago we partnered with Chris Kaminski, a CPA, to provide tax preparation and planning for our clients.  Chris has more than 30 years experience and has helped our clients look at alternatives that can lower tax burdens throughout retirement.

Evan Uffelman is our partner that specializes in the area of Medicare.

How Can Our Process Help You?

We look at tax planning from a long term perspective.  Starting to transition from pre tax funds to either Roth or after tax accounts can save a significant amount of money over time.  Tax planning is also important when developing both a retirement and an estate plan.  Many clients are using a Trust to protect assets from any potential health issue.  This has been an important addition to the holistic approach that we offer.

Are You Ready To Take the Next Steps?